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Jasmine's Story

Founder and Editor of Love GIRLS Magazine

I started this project because a close friend in high school was being bullied. Like so many who face bullying and harassment, she struggled, wondering if the things being said to her were true. She lacked role models and mentors to help her realize the amazing, intelligent and wonderful person she was.

I decided that I could sit back and watch this happen, or I can do something about it and that is how Love GIRLS Magazine was born. I wanted to show my friend that she was beautiful enough, inside and out, to be in a magazine. I wanted to create a set of everyday role models for all the young girls who did not see themselves reflected in the media.

Today I am a college student. My journey has lead me to tell my story and to tell the story of others. I have had many challenges, although I let none of them define me. When I was first getting started, it was reiterated time and time again that I had two strikes against me. I was a woman and I was black. I decide to add a third oneā€¦.I was young. And the list could go on and on because I've faced many obstacles. I am a product of the foster care system. I am dyslexic, I'm short - but none of these barriers were so big that they couldn't be broken. I found many people and organizations also believed in my mission. Royal Neighbors of America, Peace First, School Seed, Iowa Women's Foundation and USA Network provided funding and support along with many others.

When I starting Love GIRLS Magazine, I was helping my friend down her own path to self-confidence and success as others had helped me. And, through this magazine many other young women have been provided an opportunity to discover their own talents. They are able to practice their writing skills and learn about graphic design, photography, event planning, the ins and outs of publishing, and managing a staff. Girls realize they can do many things they never thought they were possible!

A young woman, seeing someone she knows, or someone who looks like her on a magazine cover is a very positive, powerful message. These young women realize they can be role models and help others.

The magazine, now expanding nationally, has quickly become an organization that has helped many girls build their self-confidence, discover who they are and who they want to become.

I believe that when women and girls encourage each other, they have the power to break down barriers, and build each other up.

The title of the magazine, LOVE, speaks to the support we can offer each other as we search for our own path to success.

Love also stands for the specific ways we can help women and girls: we can Lead the way, we can Overcome barriers, we can Value each other, and we can Empower others. Lead, Overcome, Value, and Empower and for me, that's LOVE. Women and girls of all ages are invited to join me in supporting the next generation of leaders.